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Check out this new, innovative product that allows you to install Direct Inject in minutes! Enviro-Safe Direct Inject products connect effortlessly to our Magnum D.I. inject device. This product is patent pending.

Magnum D.I. Inject allows you to install any Enviro-Safe Direct Inject product into your A/C with the same tool in a matter of seconds. This tool allows you to install the Direct Inject into all systems, even if the system is empty or full of product. The gun can also be used to unplug blocked condensate lines. 

Kit #9890 includes:

1 Magnum D.I. Inject device

1 Proseal XL4 with Dye Inject hose for fractional-1.5 ton systems

2 Disposable CO2 cartridges

Magnum D.I. Inject and Proseal XL4 with Dye 1.5 Ton for Auto

SKU: #9890
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