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Auto Refrigerant

  Repairing Auto Refrigerant Leaks

Almost every car air conditioner will eventually spring a leak. Unfortunately, it's usually quite hard to find these auto leaks since they tend to arise from pinhole defects rather than obvious damage. One of the best ways to eliminate this problem is to start by charging up your system with dye. As the dyed auto refrigerant escapes, the color makes it easy to see where it's coming from. In some cases, you can see it with the naked eye. Otherwise, use UV glasses and a blacklight to make the fluorescent yellow dye shine out for you.


Once you find the leak, fixing it can usually be done with a small patch. The type of patch will vary depending on what your system's tubing is made of, but in any case, it usually isn't too hard to apply. Replacement of the tubing is typically only needed if the damaged area is large or the entire tube is so worn out that it will only leak somewhere else right away.


After the system is patched, you can recharge it with regular car AC refrigerant. If the system is old, you may want to remove the old refrigerant and dye charge first. Use a vacuum pump to be sure to get it all. Then, refill with new auto refrigerant to get everything running. You can get plain refrigerant, or choose a type that includes dye so that you can more-easily troubleshoot any further leaks.


There's no need to wonder where to get the right kind of car AC refrigerant thanks to CME Business Solutions. Their site offers all sorts of types, as well as related products like dye or oil charges. Just order online, and soon, you'll have what you need.

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