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  • Kits includes:
    • ​4 cans Enviro-Safe Industrial R134a Replacement Refrigerant 6 oz 
    • 1 can Enviro-Safe Proseal 4 oz
    • 1 each 134a brass charging hose and coupler with gauge
    • 1 each dial thermometer
    • 2 each system tags
  • Each can of Enviro-Safe Industrial R134a Replacement Refrigerant is equal to 1 lb of R134a. That means you have a total of 4 lbs equivalent refrigerant.
  • The can of Enviro-Safe Proseal will seal leaks in the metal, o rings, seals and refrigerant lines.
  • The charging hose with gauge allows you to connect the can on one end to the service port on your vehicle on the LOW SIDE.
  • This charging hose connects to the old 134a cans.
  • The dial thermometer is used to check the temperature coming out the center vent of the vehicle.

Flammable to an open flame or spark, proceed with caution if used in systems designed for non-flammable refrigerants.

Industrial R134a Replacement Kit with Proseal

SKU: #1045
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