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  • 3 way manifold
  • ​3 hoses (blue, yellow, and red)


  • ​Pressure gauge is metal, anti-flutter, and can be recalibrated
  • ​is used for charging A/C
  • 100% Teflon diaphragms
  • Manifold sight glass
  • 60" hoses (Bridgestone)
  • Works with most refrigerants
  • unique swivel design reduces wear
  • excellent vacuum characteristics
  • 100% virgin teflon diaphragms
  • full porting for maximum refrigerant flow
  • industrial grade replaceable brass fitting
  • anodized aluminum block body
  • one full turn open/close valve
  • overglass sightglass for easy viewing
  • no-flutter gauge design
  • easy-to-grip knobs

To Make This EPA Approved, Purchase #3368 Inline Hoses.

If charging using small cans, please purchase the Blue Top Can Tap #5005. This can be found under the Tools section.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Gauge Set

SKU: #900
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