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  • Aerosol
  • Enviro-Safe AC Performance Booster is an air conditioning performance booster specially formulated treatment designed to enhance cooling properties of new and old air conditioning and refrigeration systems by reducing mechanical friction up to 1500%.
  • AC Performance Booster contains a highly polar molecule that works synergistically with compressor oil to improve the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems by increasing heat transfer in the condenser and evaporator coils. The polarized molecule bonds to the metal inside the system by removing the insulated build-up of oil and forming a conductive layer to improve heat transfer.
  • One can treats one system.
  • Can be used in R12, R134a, R22, R502, R290, R600a systems.
  • DO NOT use in ammonia systems
  • DO NOT use in CO2 systems
  • DO NOT use in R410a systems- Pressure is too high and will explode the can
  • Cannot be sent to Alaska or Hawaii or exported to foreign countries except in pallet quantities
  • Gas propelled
  • Installs the same way as refrigerant
  • Cannot be added to a fully charged system

Envirosafe R134a Performance Booster case of 12

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