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One of our most requested products, Enviro-Safe® ProSeal Xl4 Inject with Dye is a small, concentrated, easy inject refrigerant leak sealant.  ProSeal XL4 Inject is compatible with all refrigerants except ammonia. This product performs best in heat pumps, split and mini- split units, packaged units, microchannel coils, coolers, and commercial units.

Enviro-Safe™ has been producing and packaging sealants for over 17 years. Our Sealant Injector hose was designed and tested during 2013/2014 and has been produced and marketed under private label since the fall of 2014.

Unlike most other products on the market, ProSeal XL4 with Dye travels with the gas, which makes it faster, and more effective at finding leaks. ProSeal XL4 with Dye Inject will seal most leaks when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and will seal most small holes located in the A/C condenser, evaporator, fittings, and metal line sets. Sealing leaks will save energy and lower refrigerant emissions.

*DO NOT use in ammonia systems.

Eliminate the tedius, and time consuming process of "pumping down the unit".

Simply Connect and Inject.

Enviro-Safe's ProSeal XL4 Inject is:

  • Concentrated

  • Compatible with all refrigerant, except ammonia

  • Compatible with all oils

  • No need to pump down R410, or other units

  • Large equipment, bulky tools, injection hoses are a thing of the past

For Use In:

  • heat pumps

  • split systems & mini split units

  • packaged units

  • microchannel coils

Enviro-Safe ProSeal XL4 Inject is currently available in three sizes: Fractional - 1.5 Ton unit, 1.5 - 5 Ton units, and 6-30 ton units. 

These items are also available in Bulk:

  • boxed quanitites

  • non-boxed quanitites.

  • contractors pack of 3 is packaged in mylar packing and will include instructions.

Enviro-Safe Proseal XL4 Inject with Dye 5 Ton 8 pk #2250AI-D8P

SKU: 2250AI-D8P
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