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  • 1 can of Arctic air for R22, 1 Proseal XL4 for R22, 1 Prodry XL4 for R22 and Brass gauge
  • An AC booster for 22 systems!
  • Drying agent
  • Colder air
  • Longer life
  • A/C booster
  • This product is a combination of 2 Enviro-Safe products mixed into 1 to promote maximum cooling performance.
  • It will remove moisture from the AC system.
  • As most people know, moisture = corrosion and corrosion lead to leaks. Nobody wants leaks in their AC system!
  • This product also will reduce friction in system and provide colder air duct temps in most cases.

Arctic Air for R22, Proseal XL4, Prodry XL4, Brass Charging Gauge

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